Monday, August 31, 2009

Followed the path

Yesterday I was lying down trying to get rid of a headache. When I got up, I noticed that Brown-Eyed girl had left these notes all over the house (she just started 1st grade);

She can't spell "commandments",
but the apostrophe is in the right place!
Yea for punctuation!

And last, but NOT least:

There's your Sunday School lesson. Go, do, and be grateful, will ya?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Talked to a Friend

You never see how blessed you are until you talk with someone whose life is really hard.

Case in point: I have a friend who was talking to me about the horrible things her husband has said to her over the years that have broken her down and ruined her self-esteem. The worst part is that it's mostly not physical things like her appearance, but twisting spiritual things to make her feel unworthy of his love and God's love.

Granted, she is not perfect and has returned his affection in like manner. But it got me thinking. Have I said hurtful, damaging things to my husband that have cut him to the core? Or him to me? We have each disagreed over things- temporal and spiritual. We have been emphatic about things, but my husband has never said anything degrading about me. He has never said things to show me that I am less than or unworthy of him.

We joke with eachother; He tells me that I suck after getting my butt whooped by my son at Xbox, and I tease him that Hugh Jackman is my boyfriend. It works out nicely because when he can't get his "honey-do" list done, he tells me to call Hugh. And when I say, "I love H-you," he looks at me and smiles. Then asks if I said, "I love YOU," or "I love HUGH?"

In the end it doesn't matter which one I said, because he's both.

Friday, August 21, 2009

3 Things I am Grateful For

1- That the Lord sees potential in me
2- a mother who taught me to stand up and do things the Lord's way, and to shut my mouth when I don't always get my way
3- Every day opportunities to work on #2

Found an AWESOME Birthday gift

So it was time to get Elder Little Brother Rich a birthday present. What do you get a missionary that obsesses used to obsess about computers?

Hmmm, what to do........

I stumbled across this cute site.

I printed off a design and ironed it onto a t-shirt. this is the design I picked and I LOVED how it turned out;

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stood Taller

I have been shrinking. Literally. Yes, most women lose some height after having a baby, but I lost almost 2 inches. That fact sent me to my MD to start getting annual xrays to monitor my scoliosis.

I remember the one that I had about 14 years ago. It surprised me. This one was different. I was shocked. I almost threw up.


After I emailed the image to my Chiropractor friend, she asked if it made me sad. I told her that it made me grateful. Grateful that I have had 5 kids. Grateful that I can walk and move with the scoliosis relatively undetected. Grateful that all my organs function in good order (with a little help from supplements and massage.)

I am blessed. I may be crooked, but I stand taller today than I did before I saw it all in "black and white".