Tuesday, March 31, 2009

3 Things

1- cards in the mail
2- hearing my friend's laugh that I've missed for 11 years
3- Google

Skipped to Bed

When Daddy is home at bed time, the kids all get "Rocket Rides". I can barely heft the 21-pound 8-month-old, let alone lift any of the older kids and "fly" them around the room, down the hall and to bed.

Three-year-old BBG got ready for bed, and I thought she was going to ask for a Rocket Ride from me, since dad wasn't home yet. Instead I got a big kiss and the following request, "Can you skip me to bed?"

Now I can do THAT! "Sure!" And we skipped her to bed, and she slept happily ever after.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Learned a new Anatomy term

I was raised to use polite words for things. Not "pregnant", but "expecting". Not "breastfeeding", but "nursing". You get the idea.

With my kids, I have just always used the word "bum" to describe the area covered by underwear. That goes for the whole area. Then if a child tells me that their bum hurts, which every kids does, I narrow down the problem by asking a follow-up question, "Front or back?"

This seemed specific enough for the problem at hand, until my son realized that he had front, back and a "hose". Which required different attention and altogether different alarm. And, no, that is not the new Anatomy term.

Tonight I get this: "Mom I think there's something wrong with my "Pee Emitter"."

I laughed so hard that my pee emitter malfunctioned.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

3 Things

1- sleeping in
2- baby Oragel
3- children excited about scriptures

Started "Sunday Stations"

I stumbled onto an article written by a child about Sunday activities that his family does. It was ground-breaking. I finally implemented it in our family today. It was soooo fun.

First you designate several activities to keep the children engaged. These are the "Sunday Stations" that I set up;

Stories with Dad
Family Home Evening assignment
Comics and Puzzles

Each child chooses a Station and we set the timer for 30 minutes. You would not believe how fast each 30 minutes flew by and there was reverence while we also enjoyed time together. You can set up fewer station to fill up less time. My trial run today took up 3 hours (6 30-minute stations)

The Scripture Station is self-explanatory. It gives the kids a chance to finish any worksheets or assignments they have from class. Stories is where they read the "Friend" with Dad or they can color and do other activities from the "Friend". Family Home Evening assignments always get put off until the last minute, so this Station gives me a chance to help the younger kids. If the older kids have their assignment reasy, they can use this 30 minutes to practice their instrument. Computer Station is for playing some cute scripture games online or printing off pictures for the "Stories" Station leter. Here's the two websites I like most:


Communication Station is set up with envelopes, paper, stickers and an address book. They can write a note or letter (great for those forgotten missionaries or Grandma.) They can also call someone. Comics and puzzles is just that. I go through the comics and circle the ones that I think are appropriate, and they read them and/or do puzzles that I've set out.

Time went by so fast, and it was soon time for dinner. The kids even found a game in the "Friend" magazine that they wanted to play after dinner. It was full of scriptures and we had a blast right up until it was time for bed.

They all voted it as a success, and I am looking forward to more interactive, engaging Sundays.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Questioned Whether I am a good mom

If your kids do things for themselves, is it because you have taught them independence and responsibility? Or is it because they have HAD to do things for themselves because you are too preoccupied, flaky, selfish, or uncaring?

Case in point. Well, two in a row for me. Last night, BEG (Brown-eyed girl, 6-years old) was downstairs playing. Ten minutes earlier she had just complained that her stomach hurt and said it was because she had worked so hard setting the table for dinner. I think my response was, "Oh for heaven's sake. Finish the table and stop whining."

I was dancing with the two youngest in the frontroom, when I heard someone behind me making noise. I turned around just in time to get sprayed by projectile vomit coming from BEG. She had walked all the way upstairs to tell me that she had a mouth full of vomit and was trying to get my attention but couldn't talk. Hmmm. Why not?

After getting her cleaned up and stomach settled (it took two more hurls), she was sleeping peacefully. But not after I felt like a crappy mother and reassured myself that it could happen to anyone. Kids DO make up lame excuses to get out of work.

Now tonight, I hurry the kids to bed and am trying to get BBB (baby boy) to crawl and wear himself out for bed. BBG (Baby girl, 3 years old) was in the bathroom brushing her teeth. I halfway noticed that she walked down the hall and into the kitchen. I didn't look up until one of the other children pointed out that she too had made her way into the frontroom and was proceeding to vomit. The difference here? She had stopped herself from throwing up until she had marched into the kitchen to get a container to carefully barf into. How perfectly responsible of her.

So I ask: Is this the making of a neglected child that needs to care for herself because she knows that mother isn't going to do it for her? Or did I just raise some dang good kids? If it's the latter, I think I'll start teaching the baby to change his own diaper.

3 Things

1- cozy family dinners
2- knowing that I was taught wonderful standards and principles
3- seeing my younger brothers and sisters desire to continue those standards

Friday, March 27, 2009

3 things

1- cheesecake
2- having a husband that I love AND like
3- my grandma

Got off my Soapbox

There are a few things that have been bugging me lately. I need to vent;

I hate it when you make an appointment- or worse- have a standing appointment with someone and they don't call you to tell you that they are running late. This also goes for when someone has a appointment to come to your house and you have to call THEM an hour and a half later to be told, "Ya, I'm on my way." Really? Really? I thought that an HOUR AGO!!!

Maybe I'm wrong, but I think that if I can feed, dress, corrall, tell 7 times to get coats- no not jackets- coats and get shoes AND socks for five kids, then you can show up. I strategically plan when to nurse, when my kids (including the baby) nap, when they eat, when I eat, when to leave, take into account the weather, time of day and direction I will be traveling so as to account for traffic. The LEAST you could do is pick up your phone and let me know that you are running late for the thing that I am paying you for. Seriously- AAAAAHHHHH!

There's more, but I don't think I should vent that much in one post. You might get to know me too well, and that's not good for either of us.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

3 Things

1- The ability to talk with my Heavenly Father through prayer
2- humbling awareness that He answers even me
3- That my son is sleeping- safe and sound


Have you ever felt prompted to turn down a different road, or go check on a kid, or call someone? Many times we feel these whisperings. When we do what we are prompted, oftens we never find out why we felt to do what we did. It could have been a test or the Lord helping you to avoid something physically or spiritually dangerous.

Today while driving to pick up my son, I felt an urgency to pray for him. I could hear him crying for help and felt almost panicked that I couldn't help him. I prayed the rest of the 5 minutes until I drove up. When he came outside, he was fine and happy. After casually talking to him, I realized that the promptings and my following through with the prayers saved him from something dangerous that even he was not aware of at the time.

I am so grateful for the Lord and His still, small voice. I am grateful for the POWER of prayer. I am grateful that I could gain the knowledge that the Lord loves this son that I get to take care of. I am grateful that He heard my prayer and acknowledged such a weak, fallible person.

Pray for your kids. The Lord loves you, and He loves those kids that you are babysitting for Him.

Monday, March 23, 2009

3 Things that I am Grateful for

1- answered prayers
2- The Lord's patience with me
3- The Lord's love for my family

Came Back Online

Yes, I have not posted for a while. Sometimes it's hard to figure out what to do first, not at all and always. I seem to have crossed a few things off my list and will post periodically.

In the end, if it comes down to posting or snuggling with the baby even though he's been asleep for an hour, I'll opt to snuggle.

Essentially, I created this blog to remind myself that I am useful and productive. And also to share insight or experiences that might help the people I love. If only to show that I have the same faults, weaknesses and frustrations so we can cry together and then get over it.