Sunday, March 29, 2009

Started "Sunday Stations"

I stumbled onto an article written by a child about Sunday activities that his family does. It was ground-breaking. I finally implemented it in our family today. It was soooo fun.

First you designate several activities to keep the children engaged. These are the "Sunday Stations" that I set up;

Stories with Dad
Family Home Evening assignment
Comics and Puzzles

Each child chooses a Station and we set the timer for 30 minutes. You would not believe how fast each 30 minutes flew by and there was reverence while we also enjoyed time together. You can set up fewer station to fill up less time. My trial run today took up 3 hours (6 30-minute stations)

The Scripture Station is self-explanatory. It gives the kids a chance to finish any worksheets or assignments they have from class. Stories is where they read the "Friend" with Dad or they can color and do other activities from the "Friend". Family Home Evening assignments always get put off until the last minute, so this Station gives me a chance to help the younger kids. If the older kids have their assignment reasy, they can use this 30 minutes to practice their instrument. Computer Station is for playing some cute scripture games online or printing off pictures for the "Stories" Station leter. Here's the two websites I like most:

Communication Station is set up with envelopes, paper, stickers and an address book. They can write a note or letter (great for those forgotten missionaries or Grandma.) They can also call someone. Comics and puzzles is just that. I go through the comics and circle the ones that I think are appropriate, and they read them and/or do puzzles that I've set out.

Time went by so fast, and it was soon time for dinner. The kids even found a game in the "Friend" magazine that they wanted to play after dinner. It was full of scriptures and we had a blast right up until it was time for bed.

They all voted it as a success, and I am looking forward to more interactive, engaging Sundays.

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