Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Have you ever felt prompted to turn down a different road, or go check on a kid, or call someone? Many times we feel these whisperings. When we do what we are prompted, oftens we never find out why we felt to do what we did. It could have been a test or the Lord helping you to avoid something physically or spiritually dangerous.

Today while driving to pick up my son, I felt an urgency to pray for him. I could hear him crying for help and felt almost panicked that I couldn't help him. I prayed the rest of the 5 minutes until I drove up. When he came outside, he was fine and happy. After casually talking to him, I realized that the promptings and my following through with the prayers saved him from something dangerous that even he was not aware of at the time.

I am so grateful for the Lord and His still, small voice. I am grateful for the POWER of prayer. I am grateful that I could gain the knowledge that the Lord loves this son that I get to take care of. I am grateful that He heard my prayer and acknowledged such a weak, fallible person.

Pray for your kids. The Lord loves you, and He loves those kids that you are babysitting for Him.

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