Monday, March 30, 2009

Learned a new Anatomy term

I was raised to use polite words for things. Not "pregnant", but "expecting". Not "breastfeeding", but "nursing". You get the idea.

With my kids, I have just always used the word "bum" to describe the area covered by underwear. That goes for the whole area. Then if a child tells me that their bum hurts, which every kids does, I narrow down the problem by asking a follow-up question, "Front or back?"

This seemed specific enough for the problem at hand, until my son realized that he had front, back and a "hose". Which required different attention and altogether different alarm. And, no, that is not the new Anatomy term.

Tonight I get this: "Mom I think there's something wrong with my "Pee Emitter"."

I laughed so hard that my pee emitter malfunctioned.


JeroldandWendyHighamFamily said...

Oh my Esther, I have not heard that one before. And I heard a lot when I was teaching at Head Start. That just cracked me up. Love it. I am just laughing. That reminds me of Grandma Shaffers story with Aunt Olskewski (I know I spelled it wrong and it is even your last name, so sorry) with the Leeks in the store.

Good Times!!!

Tobi said...

That was so funny I almost had a similar malfunction. Awesome!