Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stood Taller

I have been shrinking. Literally. Yes, most women lose some height after having a baby, but I lost almost 2 inches. That fact sent me to my MD to start getting annual xrays to monitor my scoliosis.

I remember the one that I had about 14 years ago. It surprised me. This one was different. I was shocked. I almost threw up.


After I emailed the image to my Chiropractor friend, she asked if it made me sad. I told her that it made me grateful. Grateful that I have had 5 kids. Grateful that I can walk and move with the scoliosis relatively undetected. Grateful that all my organs function in good order (with a little help from supplements and massage.)

I am blessed. I may be crooked, but I stand taller today than I did before I saw it all in "black and white".

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Tobi said...

What the heck! That looks so painful! That you thrive despite your obstacles continues to amaze me.