Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Snickered in Silence

You have never seen rage until you have seen my husband yell at a puppy for pooping, yes, ... on the lawn!!!!

This is not a new pet peeve (pun intended). Dear Hubby used to drag poor Shazdeh and stick his nose in the poop whenever it was outside of the invisible circle where he was supposed to poop. Mind you, this was the sweetest, most docile, 130 pounds of fur you will ever meet. People who admittedly don't like dogs, liked Shazdeh. Unfortunately for him, his only fault was my husband's biggest gripe.

My argument, in defense of the dog that I had before a husband and kids, was that he was just too old and shouldn't have to change. I realize the irony since I DID manage to get my too-old-husband to turn a doorknob to shut a door and to leave the room before blowing his nose. So I guess I could have worked on getting a dog to limit his Executive Wash to a section of the yard.

But seriously, now we are trying to train this new pup to poop in the "invisible circle"? This is what we got the dog for in the first place- to present the children with abundant opportunities of feeding, walking, grooming, training, and, dare I say, picking up endless logs around the yard. Picking up poop builds character.

If pooping all over the yard is Ceja's only flaw, I've picked another great family dog.


Anonymous said...

Darling if u can potty train kids u can easily train a dog where to do it's business ... Start ( obviously ) by feeding said pup food ... Then pen up the little beast ahem I mean precious where ever you put the little monster when u don't want it pooping ,peeing, chewing , and just generally wreaking havock like pups do .... Then periodically take the little darlin where u want it to do it's nastys and in about two weeks if you persavere you can safely navigate the lawn without watching for landmines ... Another thing put the little piker on a leash as you clean up all previous packages and deposit them where u want the pups latrine to be ... As your cleaning up the gifts be sure and berate the puppy and express your disgust at the job you are forced to preform then when u take it to (the area) then praise the dog espescially once he goes there ... Also u should be able to get a special discount for the therapy the dog will need if you can find a cat to attend with it .

Esther said...

SIDE NOTE for Anonymous: I have tried all these things before this post. She just wants to go on the soft, cool lawn. She only goes in two spots, one of them is the spot we have always taken her to do her business from day one. The other is in the front yard- I don't know why. We are still working on it.

P.S. Who is anonymous?