Monday, May 11, 2009

Started Children in Rehab

I just realized that my four oldest children are addicted.

The kids have been coughing for over a week. I usually buy the sugar, high fructose corn syrup, red dye #5- free cough drops. This rogue cough would not be abated by anything natural. The only way I could fall asleep at night was to secure a chemical-ridden treat inside my cheek and suck away. When the kids started coughing, I would break the drops into smaller pieces and put them in a container by the bed for them to suck on during the night. It really helped.

Now the coughs are slowly dissipating. But the requests for cough drops are still going strong.
Who knew that Halls mentholatum cough drops would be the downfall of my family? I figured, "At least they aren't asking for candy." Wait. They are the same size, color and sugar content of candy, just with the vaporizing essence of menthol. My kids are addicted to candy that clears their sinuses.

We are just one step away from street drugs.

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous is SMO.... :)
Good luck with the withdrawels...
I hear that's the worst!