Friday, July 10, 2009

Screwed with my Son's Head

It goes like this;

"Mom, guess what I'm making?!!!"

"A time machine?"

"No, that's dumb, because if I picked the wrong time, then I'd end up being chased be a T-Rex."

"How far back would you go since dinosaurs never lived on this planet? You'd have to go back to BEFORE this planet was created and end up on the planet where the dinosaurs DID live, and that would be a LONG time to go back."

"Well, if I went into the future then I might land in a war, and maybe I'd appear on the bad side and God and all the righteous people would kill me because they didn't know I was from the, oh forget it. An elastic gun. I'm building an elastic gun." (Insert eye roll and sigh)

I love making everybody else as screwed up as I am.

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Tobi said...

Once Aubre called me for a school project. She was doing a survey about dinosaurs. I think the question was something about how dinosaurs died. I told her I don't think they lived on this planet in the first place. She called me later to tell me I was the only one from the class survey with that answer and it was weird.