Thursday, February 4, 2010


-Drop off kids at school

-Follow up with Mortgage Broker about a confusing Good Faith Estimate

-Grocery shopping

-Make homemade white bread

-While it rises:

call realtor and get answers to questions about the Realtor Contract for an offer, he’ll have to come by at 4:30 to go over it with us.

call printer repair guy about the loud noise the printer is making after he changed a part

get a call asking if the people who looked at our house on Tuesday can walk through again at 6:30. I can do that.

put baby boy down for a nap so I can:

call mortgage company to complete an app. over the phone- which consists of running back and forth looking for documentation for our 401K, bank statements, mortgage balance, employment paystubs. Oh-yeah, Dear Hubby has most of these at work with him because he was going to do this and got caught up in meetings.

-Now to document these things, I should scan and email all these things to the mortgage company. Plus they want our taxes from the last two years. These forms consist of 40+ pages because we itemize and include all sorts of schedules and addendums (is that a word?)

-Put the dough in the pans

-It’s now 2:00. Baby Girl asked for school work, so I thought I’d better accommodate while she was interested. After I got her set up, I realized I hadn’t eaten lunch.

-Warm up soup from last night’s dinner. Take 2 bites. Answer the phone. It’s the school, Brown-Eyed Girl has fallen off the playground and gotten a good-sized goose egg.

-Wake up Baby Boy, drive to the school.

-Check Brown-Eyed girl out of school.

-While we’re in the car, go to the library an return the books that are 3 days overdue because the library changed to a new system and the new system didn’t send me an email reminder that they were due Saturday. I was convinced that I would not pay the late fees. They were convinced too. Woo hoo.

-School’s out, back to the school to get the older 2 kids.

-Stop and get BEG an ice cream cone for her bonk.

-Heading home, I get a call. “Can we show the house at 4:00 instead?” ummm, yeah, but I have 8 loaves of bread ready to throw into the oven at 4:00, do they mind? Grrrrr.

-Put first 4 loaves in, tidy up the house, start on homework

-Shuttle the kids outside during the showing.

-Review contract with realtor, make offer on a home, write a check and sigh.

-Make dinner

-Get kids ready for bed.

-Receive an offer on our house. It’s appealing.

-Watch “Lost” and unwind.

-Go to bed and dream about all the fun work of starting over remodeling a new home. Except for this time, the house is bigger, the mortgage is bigger, the property is bigger, and our family is bigger.

This is supposed to make me better.

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Anonymous said...

Where is the new house?