Friday, February 12, 2010

Spread the Love

The kids and I cut out 150 hearts and wrote messages like; "God loves you", "Have a Happy Heart" and "Show someone you love them" on the hearts. Then we folded them and went on a valentine drop (idea inspired by HER.)

The kids were out of school, so I took them downtown. I gave each of them a stack of valentines, and told them to give them to whomever they wanted. They went nuts. Their favorite part was handing them to construction workers. They received so many smiles and "thank you"s.

One woman actually refused a valentine from my 7-year-old. Poor BEG looked over at me and asked sadly, "Why would anyone say, 'No thank you' to a valentine?" On the way home the kids chattered about how happy it made them and the women who turned down the valentine. They all agreed that even if no one appreciated the valentines, the valentine drop was successful, because they had made THEIR hearts happy by doing it.

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