Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Quit My Job

I have been praying about what I should improve about my character. Be careful what you ask for. I have seen MAJOR character flaws. For example, today while driving the kids to school, I was following an annoying driver. You've seen them- the type that you wish would turn the opposite way just so you don't have to share the road with them. I happened to follow him the whole way to school, and into the school parking lot. As he pulled to the curb, and I drove past him, I found my self looking at him. "Why? Why do you need to see his face?" I asked myself. As I pulled to the curb, and my kids shuffled out, I realized that I am a vindictive, mean, grouch who can't let things go. So, why I wanted to see his face? Because I wanted to keep score about what the idiot looked like so that the next time I saw him in the school, around the neighborhood or at the store, I could give him his well-deserved scowl and feel better that I had delivered justice upon this unsuspecting person. Yes, I was keeping score. Who am I to play traffic cop to all the idiots who forget to put on their blinker, forget to turn it off, go too fast, go too slow, or just do anything that I deem annoying? So, I decided to quit my job as traffic cop and stop keeping score. After all, I don't need ANOTHER job. Especially one that doesn't pay.

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