Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saved The Planet

No, I'm not the organic, froo-froo type that eats only things that are brown and oozing, or wears clothes that feel like they are made out of burlap because they are.

But DH saw a news report about the thousands of plastic bags clogging up the landfill and the half-life of each bag. He begged me to find an alternative to the bags that we use.

So to do our part, we not using the plastic bags that our groceries come in as trash can liners. We are buying these cool biodegradable "plastic" bags.

We are supposed to use the cotton reusable bags at the grocery store now, but I always forget to bring them in. I have a hard enough time toting my kids and not being tempted to leave them in the car. Now I have to bring my own bags too? It seems a little too much.

So I end up getting the plastic bags from the grocery store and recycling them. It's a start. Here is my new favorite line of soaps and cleaning supplies. They are cost-effective and smell great. Did I mention that they are, shhh, environmentally friendly?

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