Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Read a story (or started at least)

BBG was deliberately bothering others. I was tempted to send her to her room to play. Then I realized that she was looking for interaction. I told her to go get some of her books and we would read together. It took her so long, I thought she got distracted and forgot. Then she apperared in the hall carrying a stack of 12, yes 12, carefully selected CHAPTER books. She was huffing and puffing as she dropped them at my feet. BEG laughed and said, "Well that's what you told her. Now you gotta read them ALL to us." Then they both cuddled up while we read a few chapters. Luckily the oven timer beeped and dinner was ready. Otherwise, I'd still be reading.

I guess even a three-year old can figure out that once you get mom's attention: Grab on and hold tight, because the moments are few. Mom's do that with soft cheeks and kids that like to cuddle.

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