Saturday, April 11, 2009

Discovered what is Germaphobic-Worthy

I am a germ freak. I use my right hand to answer the phone, pull weeds, open doors, etc. so that my dominant left hand can be "germ-free" if I need to eat or write something. I'm a freak I know. Unfortunately, I have passed this trait on to some of my children and not so well to others that SHOULD be afraid.

Case in point: We took the kids to the Pioneer Museum today. BB, as usual, refused to hold his younger sister's hand as we walked along the busy downtown road. After yelling at him that it was his sister, and he better hold her hand or I'd make him put his arm around her, he relented. This is the boy that I am trying to break of the habit of washing his hands with his pants down because he doesn't want to get toilet germs on his zipper.

We had an enjoyable time at the museum, and happened to be there for the anniversary party of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers. They were having cake, treats and punch for all the visitors. I allowed each of my kids to get a little loaf cake and sit on the steps to eat. BB was acting goofy and I asked him what he was giggling about. He said that he had dropped his cake twice and picked it back up. He was eating it again.

With raised brow, I asked how he could eat cake off a public museum floor but couldn't manage to hold his sister's hand? He had no answer, and I am sad to say, I still kinda get it.

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