Monday, April 13, 2009

Said "Good-Bye"

As of this minute, she is not gone yet. But I got so tell her that I love her and stroke her head as I held her hand. She is the woman who blazed the trail for women's rights, for the gospel, for technology. She is my mother's mother.

I got to listen to her stories and the many experiences of her 83 years. Because of her testimony, I am able to stand taller and fight a little longer and harder for injustices that I see in my life and time. Because of the lineage that she comes through, she has a birthright given by the Prophet Joseph to her great-grandfather and his children, and therefore, me.

She is a spunky, wise, faithful servant of a Father whose love for her has been apparent these past few months. She has been a part of every aspect of my life and I am a better, stronger person for having been graced to be called her granddaughter.

Save me a place in Heaven.

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