Monday, February 2, 2009

Went to the Spa and Got a Massage

Okay, so it wasn't so much a full-body massage as a gum massage. And it wasn't a spa - more like a dentist. But, it was time by myself, having someone take care of me and I had a reason not to answer stupid questions. Which, by the way, why DO dentists ask you questions as they stick the drill into your mouth. My dentist has finally learned not to do that because I feel compelled to answer and I am his only patient that CAN answer with the drill in my mouth. But since he doesn't know sign language and I prefer that he look at my teeth rather than my hands, we agreed to keep my visits conversation-free.

After a nice cleaning, I proudly announced, to a less-than
-impressed dentist, that I have actually flossed and brushed several times a week in the last 6 months. EWWWW! you may say. If you say that, you are either not a mother, or you are not tired enough to complain about my lack of dental hygiene when I am too tired after putting 5 kids to bed, 5 kids BACK to bed, and doing everything that can be done while all is quiet and I have a moments peace.

So I enjoyed my massage by Hugh Jackman in the wonderful spa in Barbados. I don't need more than an hour to regenerate. Just some good flouride and an active imagination. Why should that slow down? Nothing else does.

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