Monday, February 16, 2009

Found out what a Jew is

BBG was walking around pointing to people saying, "Jew! Jew!", laughing, and then running away. I could not figure out why she was doing this. Had she been around my anti-Semite relatives? Was she recalling the Jesus of Nazareth movie that we watched?

After careful observation, I figured out what triggered this new-found expression. It WAS a movie! But not one with any Jews (well, that I know of). It was Star Wars. BBG was pointing her finger to resemble a blaster and "shooting" people.
"Jew! Jew!" is the blaster sound effect (say it out loud while pretending to shoot someone.)

Now that you know, you too can point to people and yell "Jew!", then laugh and run away.


Tobi said...

Too funny! I had to try it out loud and it does sound just like a blaster. However, I'm not going to point out this new sound effect to Adam or Mason (who both spend a good part of the day making shooting sounds).

Betsy said...