Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bought French Fries

I had to go to the Social Security offices to fix a mix-up with BBB's social security number, so we can claim him for taxes.

After sitting there for 40 minutes (
while we waited the girls played so quietly with a measuring tape from my purse -for measuring Easter dresses- and listening to my MP3 player), I was told that the Department of Health had processed his Birth Certificate wrong and I would need to go there first and have it amended, then drive back and they would issue a number. Lovely.

On the way to the Dept. of Health I promised the girls that if they waited at the next place and were patient when we went back to the Social Security office, I would buy them french fries.

Well, we didn't make it back to the Social Security office. Not because the girls weren't astonishingly good, but because the Department of Health is retarded. Since we didn't decide on BBB's name in the first week, his birth certificate only says our last name. I was told that I was supposed to send it back with the proper documentation, notarized signatures, a pint of blood, and a urine sample. Well, I missed that note when they sent me the first birth certificate (read with sarcasm.)

The woman said that there was no note, it was all my fault, blah, blah, blah. No birth certificate today. I get to take a form and have it notarized AND get busy DH to find a notary and sign it. Why do they need two parents' signatures? Anyone? Anyone? I could have signed it and finished today- but they need both parents. Retarded I say.

So to sum up; I got nothing done, the girls sat quietly during the nothingness, and I rewarded them with the well-deserved fries. I ordered a root canal and a Brazilian wax to go.

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