Friday, January 1, 2010

Albumed the Photos

I am not a scrapbook kinda girl. But I do like to take pictures. I have been storing up photos to sort and put in the kids' album for a long time. Over Christmas break I was determined to get this project done.

As I sorted pictures by kid and date, it became frighteningly clear that I had not done this since Baby Girl was 1 week old. She just turned 4. I started thinking of what a bad mom I was. the feeling didn't last long.

Looking through the pictures, I saw all the things I did with 4 kids; through the summers, around the house, for birthdays. Then all those things while expecting a fifth baby. Then with 5 kids.

The happy feelings of good memories created were confirmed when the kids started looking at their pictures. Exclamations of "Wow! We did a lot that summer!", "That was so fun!" and "Oooooooh! I remember that day!" were enough to make me glad.

I realized that I have done a lot, and we're not busy do nothing. I'm glad I captures a few of those moments. I just hope the kids remember me doing those things with them, and capture the memories in their hearts- 'cuz I'm not in any of the pictures.

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