Saturday, January 23, 2010

Made my Son go to Party

My son was all excited to go to his cousin's birthday party until he found out it was a sleepover. He asked if I could take him and pick him up in a few hours because "they'll probably stay up late and I'll be really tired in the morning and then I won't be able to sleep tomorrow night."

Geez, old man, have some fun while you don't have to take FiberCon. He is such a serious boy. Or at least he takes his sleep and food VERY seriously. I demanded that he go and sleep over. When he called me at 9:00 that evening, he said that they were just turning on a movie. I asked which one (because it's gotta be pre-approved) and he said, "I don't care 'cuz I'm going to bed."

I told him to just watch the movie and be a boy for a minute! Do you think he's seriously that serious or am I just getting "played" so I will demand he play more like a real boy?

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