Monday, January 11, 2010


I have been faxing things from our all-in-one printer for years. That works fine if you only have 2 pages and can babysit the antiquated thing, or if you are a caveman and enjoy living in pre-technology times.

The problem is that my husband's work changed Flax spending companies and the new one, let's just say it- sucks. You can not submit your claims through email like the old company. It's snail mail or fax. My faxes always get jammed and restart themselves, so the moronic company denies the claim because they didn't receive the documentation, THEN opens a new claim and pays it because they DID receive the documentation 2 minutes later in the completed fax. Idiots.

Oh- but you don't have to go through that if you use their debit card. That's nice if the acupuncturist that is working miracles on your husband herniated disc takes credit cards. She doesn't. So I gotta fax her receipt to the crazy people and have them deny me, no wait, pay me in a few months.

I knew there was a way to fax the receipts if I could scan them into the computer. Since I didn't set up the fax when I set up the printer, I couldn't find the option. Then I found this wonderful lady, who walked me through it. Her instructions worked perfectly (the hints and tips are vital) and I have now faxed via my computer over 16 pages of documentation to the Flex spending people.

Now if they deny my claims, I'll know they are just messing with me. And you don't want to mess with a girl who knows how to use Google and her fax line.

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