Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I Got Braces!!!

I knew it was the right time. It's going to take about 18 months, but it is almost guaranteed to rid me of the tension headaches caused by my misaligned jaw and sliding bite. Plus my neck should stay in alignment more which will also decrease the headaches. PLUS my insurance is awesome and is paying for half!!!

So the dinner I made last night was a pre-braces dinner: full of the things I can't eat with the braces that I will miss; corn chips, ooey, gooey cheese, corn on the cob, and ice cream with caramel.

I hope I can make it- the headaches and mouth pain are insane!! And Dear Hubby says I now have a lisp. great.


Tobi said...

Brace face...ha ha. Just kidding. I'm so proud of you for finally doing it! It will totally be worth it!

Tobi said...

Shem checked out your blog today and says "Congrats! I've felt your pain." He also wanted to offer you his water pic. It is excellent for cleaning braced teeth. I can bring it on Tuesday if you like.

Madison Matthews said...

YOu will love your braces. I loved when I got mine two years ago. It is so worth the pain. Good luck!
Stephanie Matthews

Sara said...

Wow! What fun it will be in 18 months to take pictures again and see how much straighter they are. I just looked back at my pics from July 08 when I got mine on and was able to see how much my teeth have moved. It's incredible.

And I totally agree how any facial impact hurts so much worse now with the braces inside your mouth than it ever would've before.